New Works/Distinct Voices – 2018 Fall Concert

New Works/Distinct Voices – 2018 Fall Concert

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Date and Time

Friday 5th, October 2018
7:30 PM

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The Works


by Christian Denice – Chicago, IL
Muisc by Gregorian Chant and Greg Haines.

A world premiere for 5 dancers.

NeverLoved a Man

by DeeAnna Hiett
Music by Arthea Franklin

A Tribute to the legendary Arthea: is a jazzy, emotional romp for 4 women lamenting the pain and joy of love.


by Xia Ming of Tianjin, China
Music by James Mobberly

A charming, quirky solo meshing traditional Chinese dance with contemporary movement embedding the dynamic music and capturing the sinewy ,movement of an insect.

Evidence of Souls Not Seen

by Leni Wylliams
Music by Mahler and Edgar

Evidence of Souls Not Seen is a beautiful and poignant trio for 3 men honoring those who have passed on and their spirit and love that remain with us.

an artist

by Jennifer Archibald

Explores the meaning of creating art with the introspective words of artist, Marina Abramovic, questions what is art and what is great art through movement.

Twisted Metal

by Gregory Dawson
Music by Gregory Dawson

Twisted in a dynamic work for 5 dancers is a tour de force creating movement conflict and challenges among the dancers with duets and solos that will leave you breathless.


$24.00, $18.00 and $15.00 for students and seniors. Call (816) 235-6222.

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