William Roberson


William Roberson, a native of Tennessee, began his dance training during his sophomore year at Howard University in Washington, D.C. where he earned is Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. During that time, he worked and performed with notable artists and choreographers such as Hope Boykin of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Ray Mercer of Broadway’s The Lion King, Debbie Allen, Camille A. Brown, and others. After graduating in May of 2013, he apprenticed with Ronald K. Brown’s Evidence, A Dance Company. Following the apprenticeship, he began working with companies such as Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, Damage Dance in Denver, and Thomas/ Oritz in NYC. he continues to work with other choreographers such as Dianne McIntyre, Kevin Iega Jeff, Mathew Rushing, Gary Abbott, and many more. He has performed in a number of notable venus such as the Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian Art Museum, and the Athenaeum Theater in Chicago, IL. Outside of performing, William is also a certified personal trainer. This is his 2nd season dancing with Wylliams/ Henry.